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My Opinion About School
“Education is an ornament”. In old days people don’t know the importance of education but in twenty first century this importance has been increased. All the parents want to give this ornament of education to their child. So it is very much important to choose a perfect institution of education. I think we have selected a perfect school for our son & that is our “Sankalp English School”. By my opinion the meaning of “SANKALP” is,
S – Sensitive,
A – Admirable,
N – Noble,
K – Knowledgeable,
A – Active,
L – Loyal,
P – Perfect.
By teaching English language this school always wants to see these all qualities in their students. I am a very lucky parent because my son has been studying in this school since 2008. This school is very much helpful for all the parents. Every year this school arrange so many activities for students such as Drawing competitions, Handwriting competitions, Essay competition, Picnic, Sports, Gathering, celebration of all festivals, because of all these activities students become very active. In study they can create their own ideas. So I feel proud because my child is taking education in “Sankalp English School –Thane”. Mr. Pradeep Patil

My Opinion About School
I have had a wonderful association with “Sai Sankalp Pre-Primary school” & also with “Sankalp English School”. I’ve always been a firm believer that whatever you do should be done well or not done at all. I also believe that there’s no point sticking to a formula just because it’s conventional. There is always a new and improved model available which has learnt from the mistakes of the past and one more thing is that our School follows “English Language with Indian Culture” which I like the most from the bottom of my heart. My son is studying in the 5th std. I must say I’m extremely happy with the way he has grown into an extremely well informed and knowledgeable young person because of the curriculum developed by the school. Schooling today is not merely about reaching the 10th standard with good marks. Today it is more about how you learn it and how much you absorb it …. so that what you learn becomes a part of your system and that knowledge remains with you long after you have left school! Personally, as parent, I’m very pleased with the teacher-child ratio in the class, the quality of education and extra curricular activities, and the accessibility of faculty and staff. Three cheers for “Sai Sankalp Pre-Primary school” & “Sankalp English School”. May it only go from strength to strength. Mr. Sunil Giri

My Opinion About School
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” When I first had my Kid, I wanted my kids to have a normal childhood, where they won’t be affected by all the glamour that surrounds us. I visited a lot of different schools & then I found “Sai Sankalp Pre-Primary School”. It was like an answer to all my prayers. I am so happy with what my kids have learnt and understood at this young age, and what’s most important is that they aren’t stressed at all. The reason why I say my prayers are answered because my kid is very special at “Sai Sankalp Pre - Primary school.” & “Sankalp English school”. He is given the attention that I was secretly hoping for, only I realized that it is the kind of attention that is given to every single child that studies at Sai Sankalp Pre-Primary school because every child is special. It is amazing that they know every single child by his/her name and what is even more touching is that they both seem to be friends with almost all the parents as well. Most of the schools that I have known, the picture is just the opposite. Parents are always at logger heads with school authorities. I just want to thank you for this eye-opener for making me realize that it’s not wrong to be selfish for my child, for assuring me, just as you assure every single mother, that my child is very special. This MESSAGE comes to say a BIG THANK YOU, to you, for making this selfless effort for every mother’s selfish feeling. Mr. Rajan Parkar


Success is a Journey not a destination......

In “Sankalp English School– Thane” we have "SaiBaba Temple" & we specially follow Indian culture with English language so as to aware every student about the importance of all Indian festivals. We believe parents are “Partners” in the learning process of the children; hence we have several programmes for them to be part of our community. We also involve the parents in their child’s learning experiences and celebrate the important moments and memories. Teachers and staff at the school are well–trained and qualified to provide the best training ground for our children. We strongly believe in the importance of teachers, administrators and communicating their opinions openly and frequently. The administrations and staff believe that every student is unique and special and they all have the ability to learn. We believe it is our responsibility to nurture and develop every student to their maximum potential.

I take this opportunity to invite you to visit our school where you can meet the school leadership team and teachers. It will be our pleasure to take you on a tour of our child-friendly and beautiful school campus which gives the message to the world “Save Animals, Save Nature.”

I look forward to meet you
with Warm Regards,
Mrs. Jyoti Parab
(B.A., D.Ed., B. Ed., N.D.)

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